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Parent Teacher Association

Hello, we are the PTA!

As parents / carers, you are AUTOMATICALLY a member of the PTA… your voice counts.  Your engagement is vital to the success of the school and ultimately the quality of your child’s education.  As parents/carers you have a direct influence on the experience your child has whilst at Costock.  

The additional funding provided by the PTA allows us to provide classroom equipment, resources and curriculum enriching opportunities that make learning more engaging and that we believe all your children deserve.


The PTA events and activities are arranged primarily to raise money for the benefit of the children, but also to build links between the school, staff and parents/carers and for us all to have some fun!


We appreciate that both time and money are precious but you can get involved in a variety of ways including serving on a committee, making suggestions for events, using your contacts to provide raffle prizes, baking cakes – there are many small ways in which your ideas, skills and expertise can be utilised.


By everyone making a contribution in some way, just think what we could achieve!

 PTA Committee

Kayleigh Collington - Chair

Sarah Walker - Secretary

Bethan Skingle - Treasurer

Debbie Walker - Staff Member

Laura Rees - Member

Sophie Ishmael - Member

Jen Wollacott - Member

Sam Smith - Member

Collette Coltman - Member

Becky Sankey - Member


Minutes from the AGM:

AGM Minutes Jan 2024

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