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Our Vision and Values

Where every child is a star - blk new.png

Our Badger Emblem


Our beloved badger has long been our school emblem and carries the values of loyalty, braveness, perseverance, caring for others and community. Our badger symbolises our school spirit in the following ways:

B – Brave: Be brave to try new things and take on challenges.

A – Active: Stay active and healthy.

D – Determined: Persevere and practice to learn – "I can't do it, yet".

G – Growth Mindset: Seek growth and positive solutions.

E – Enjoyment: Nurture your happiness and bring joy to others.

R – Resilience: The ability to adapt and be great problem-solvers.

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Where every child is a star!


As a Church of England School we carry our Christian values through all that we do. Our STAR ethos "Where every child is a star" comes from Philippians 2 v15 as "children of God... you shine like stars".


These values are also remembered through the word STAR:


S – Service to God, each other and ourselves.

T – Truth is always the best way.

A – Agape is the highest form of love – selfless and kind.

R – Respect for ourselves, others and the environment.

We say our school promise at the close of each day to remember these values.

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Our School Aims


  • To provide a happy, secure and caring environment in which all individuals feel valued. 

  • To inspire each child with Christian values and encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith. 

  • To embrace, understand and respect the differences between gender, races and cultures. 

  • To ensure that all children have an awareness of local and global environmental issues. 


Our Learning Aims


  • To create an environment where children have a desire for learning, are highly motivated and to help each child to develop a lively enquiring mind. 

  • To recognise that each child makes a unique contribution to the life of our school. 

  • To develop self-discipline, based on an awareness of others in order for children to take responsibility for their own actions and to take appropriate risks. 

  • To develop thoughtful pupils who make careful and considerate decisions. 

  • To help children fulfil their potential by acquiring relevant knowledge and skills and develop their self-confidence. 


  • To provide a rich, varied, balanced and creative curriculum to inspire, engage and challenge. 

  • To provide a clear curriculum framework for each child and to monitor their achievement within that framework. 

  • To meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). 

  • To deploy resources effectively in order to meet the needs of the curriculum. 

  • To provide opportunities for extra-curricular provision. 


  • To further develop our strong relationships between school, home, church, parish and the wider community. 

  • To use opportunities within the local community in order to enrich learning. 

  • To build solid foundations for citizenship and skills for life in order to prepare our children for future development and to benefit the local and wider community.

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