Welcome to Costock C of E Primary School. In our school, we aim to provide a wide range of learning experiences where children will gain a positive self-image to help them on their path as successful and happy, lifelong learners. There are many opportunities for children to develop their skills whatever their level of ability, in an environment of equal opportunity, irrespective of race, gender, religion or disability. It is important for us that we provide as many opportunities as possible at this age, so that children will have a wide range of experiences to draw from in later life.

We have a mission, that “Costock C of E Primary School will provide an inclusive environment for all, within which we will enable children, staff and parents, carers and the community to achieve excellence in all they do and empower them to want to do their very best.” I hope you find this web site useful and something that adds to our successful school.

We hope it helps you gain an understanding of how our school is organised, and to appreciate the exciting opportunities on offer to children in our care. Our school continues to develop in many exciting ways, providing an even more enriching experience for our pupils.

Mrs Jane Mellor

Head Teacher